Welcome to Rider Haggard Society

If you are a fan of Rider Haggard's unforgettable novels or his other remarkable achievements, the Rider Haggard Society is just for you.  We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Rider Haggard Society.

The Rider Haggard Society was formed in 1985 and membership is available worldwide.  Members come from all walks of life and cover all ages: the main qualification is simply a genuine interest in Sir Henry Rider Haggard and his works.

The Society receives enquiries from enthusiasts, researchers, museums and archaeologists and so has become the main point of contact for all matters regarding Rider Haggard.

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And O you whose eyes shall fall upon these pages, see, they have been translated, and they have been printed, and here they lie before you - an undiscovered land wherein you are free to travel!  From "Cleopatra" by Rider Haggard


Benefits of membership are:

receiving the Haggard Journal three times a year;

receiving notifications of events or news of interest to Haggard enthusiasts;

attendance at meetings, which are great opportunities to meet and befriend other Rider Haggard enthusiasts and also to buy or sell books;

discussing topics with other interested and knowledgeable enthusiasts;

access to past issues of The Haggard Journal from the digital archive at a small charge.  Back numbers of recent issues are also available in print.