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Novels by Rider Haggard

Dawn, 1884

The Witch's Head, 1885

King Solomon's Mines, 1885

She, 1887

Jess, 1887

Allan Quatermain, 1887

Maiwa's Revenge, 1888

Mr Meeson's Will, 1888

Colonel Quaritch VC, 1889

Cleopatra, 1889

Allan's Wife, 1889

Beatrice, 1890

The World's Desire, 1890

Eric Brighteyes, 1891

Nada the Lily, 1892

Montezuma's Daughter, 1893

The People of the Mist, 1894

Joan Haste, 1895

Heart of the World, 1896

The Wizard, 1896

Dr Therne, 1898

Swallow, 1899

Black Heart and White Heart, 1900

Lysbeth, 1901

Pearl-Maiden, 1903

Stella Fregelius, 1904

The Brethren, 1904

Ayesha, 1905

The Way of the Spirit, 1906

Benita, 1906

Fair Margaret, 1907

The Ghost Kings, 1908

The Yellow God, 1909

The Lady of Blossholme, 1909

Morning Star, 1910

Queen Sheba's Ring, 1910

Red Eve, 1911

The Mahatma and the Hare, 1911

Marie, 1912

Child of Storm, 1913

The Wanderer's Necklace, 1914

The Holy Flower, 1915

The Ivory Child, 1916

Finished, 1917

Love Eternal, 1918

Moon of Israel, 1918

When the World Shook, 1919

The Ancient Allan, 1920

Smith and the Pharaohs, 1920

She and Allan, 1921

The Virgin of the Sun, 1922

Wisdom's Daughter, 1923

Heu-Heu, 1924

Queen of the Dawn, 1925

The Treasure of the Lake, 1926

Allan and the Ice Gods, 1927

Mary of Marion Isle, 1929

Belshazzar, 1930


Main Works of Non-Fiction by Rider Haggard

Cetywayo and His White Neighbours, 1882

A Farmer's Year, 1899

The Last Boer War, 1899

A Winter's Pilgrimage, 1901

Rural England, 1902

A Gardener's Year, 1905

Report on the Salvation Army Colonies, 1905

The Poor and the Land, 1905

Regeneration, 1910

Rural Denmark, 1911

The After-War Settlement and Employment of Ex-Servicemen, 1916

The Days of My Life, 1926

A Note on Religion, 1927